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Dr. Tommy & Elisabeth have supported multiple orphanages throughout their ministry and reach out to the orphans with financial and spiritual help. Because these children have no one, they are often the most vulnerable to being brought up in lives of crime, sold off into slavery, sexually exploited, and turned into child soldiers.


Dr. Tommy & Elisabeth also hold conferences to teach the local people how to reach the lost in their areas. They teach them what Evangelism is and how to spread the message effectively with signs and wonders. Evangelism is communicating the good news of Jesus Christ, and inviting response.

Dr. Tommy & Elisabeth have been traveling to over 80 countries for over 30 years. Evangelism is the preaching and communicating of the gospel (the good news) of Jesus Christ to an individual or group of individuals. “Mass evangelism” is making the gospel known to a large mass of people gathered in one place. In the gospels, we see that wherever Jesus went and preached, large crowds followed Him.


Rapidly growing slums, with millions of people living in extreme poverty and struggling for survival, are a huge problem for South Asia's major cities. Up to 25 percent of the population of these urban areas live in slums. Thousands arrive daily from rural areas in search of jobs and a better life, only to become trapped in desperation and hopelessness.


If Jesus were on earth today, would we find Him in the prisons, talking and dining with the most loathed criminals and outcasts? Of course we would. He would be there “to seek and to save the lost!”

We continue to follow Jesus into the prisons as well as into their community to minister to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. God does not despise the broken; nor should we.

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