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Leadership Conferences

Dr. Tommy & Elisabeth also hold conferences to teach the local people how to reach the lost in their areas. They teach them what Evangelism is and how to spread the message effectively with signs and wonders. Evangelism is communicating the good news of Jesus Christ, and inviting response. Through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, God offers the forgiveness of sins, the gift of new life, and begins the healing of the world. Evangelism requires the verbal communication of this good news. But acts of love and signs of God’s power also have their part in the communication process. Deeds of love confirm the authenticity of the messenger. Signs of God’s presence and power confirm the authenticity of the message. In inviting response, we call people to trust Christ for the forgiveness of sins, become devoted followers of Christ, be filled with his Spirit, and join in God’s community and God’s mission in the world.

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